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About Us

Go-Woman! Ltd was set up by two women entrepreneurs who have worked in the enterprise arena for many years. Discovering that many women find traditional business support awe inspiring, overcomplicated and often dismissive of micro enterprises, and having realised their ambitions later in life to become self employed they set up Go-Woman! Ltd.

Our sole purpose is to provide inspiration and support to ordinary women to become “extraordinary”; breakout of their comfort zone and help them access advice and further support to realise their ambition to “do it their way”.

Go-Woman! is geared toward providing REAL business support for women. A ‘one-stop’ service that can provide a central support hub. Go-Woman! will provide a comprehensive database at a regional level.

Women are great at networking, giving generously their time and advice to other women needing advice or information on starting or running businesses. We hope Go-woman! site will offer networking opportunities for women looking for advice, additional services to their existing business.

It is our vision to:
* share best practice and provide women with access to the support, skills and resources that lead to the development of successful enterprises, the creation of new jobs and the health, satisfaction and economic welfare of local economies and communities.

* to facilitate a virtual market-place where women may promote themselves and the products and services that they provide, to a diverse network of potential customers and suppliers.

* to enable single voices to be heard above the roar of the global crowd and enable women to express their needs, share their concerns and debate issues within a global forum that has the breadth, diversity, capacity, credibility and resources to broadcast, lobby, negotiate and influence the power to make the difference.

Any suggestions or comments, please email us at

Go-Woman!: gowoman@go-woman.com

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