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First Steps New Opportunities – Testimonials

What our current learners had to say

“Today was good and the staff was helpful. I enjoyed learning about the course.”
Aneela – Pre-NVQ Childcare, 7th Dec 09

“Very useful and very informative session. First time I actually had any lesson about computer and I am so surprised that I learned so much just in one session.”
Sarah – I.T. Session, 11th Dec 09

“It was very good. It covered all aspects of what I wanted to know and it was explained very clearly.”
Gulnaz – Hair & Beauty, 11th Dec 09

“Very useful and helpful. I have more knowledge about the training and know what to expect while on the training. The training experience helped me a lot. I had the chance of asking any questions.”
Samirah – Hair & Beauty, 11th Dec 09

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