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YWOLI Project

Young Women Orientation for Labor Integration (YWOLI), a European Grundtvig Partnership which explores training initiatives and the supports available to young women seeking to launch their professional lives in 9 countries including, Romania, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Iceland and Ireland.

YWOLI aims to reduce women’s unemployment by better preparing women (aged between 20-30 years) for their insertion into the labour market. By exploring a wide variety of topics, for example, the role of women in different European societies and the cultural stereotypes about women in different European societies, the partnership hopes to underpin some of the governing reasons why women across Europe continue to find it difficult to get a job and as a whole appear to be less valued than their male counterparts.

More information about the project, outcomes and useful resources can be found at: www.ywoli.eu

Below are some of the local resources:

– Go-Woman! presentation at the final conference click here to read more…

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